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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Topps Dynasty: I feel like I made a deal

     It's been a while since I posted anything up here. I've been telling myself to get into a better habit of posting but the busy work life and other priorities make it a challenge sometimes. Anyway's I hope this is a start to more consistent posts to come.
     The start of baseball season has begun and the Seattle Mariners have already given me numerous headaches in the shape of blown leads and walk off losses. It's only a week in, I hope they can turn it around soon as I know it's very early. But we in Seattle are too used to this!
   For this post I wanted to share some of my Topps Dynasty cards. I have always been intrigued with this set since its inaugural release in 2014. A box only consists of one card. A price tag of ~$300. Just think about that for a second... People constantly run the numbers on ROI (return of investment) on box breaks. It's gets pretty simple to calculate when your dealing with a box that contains one card! It is the ultimate roll of the dice. Odds are you will not come out ahead, as all of us know going into any break but it becomes so very clear so very fast with Topps Dynasty.  I personally do not break boxes/cases I simply don't have the heart for it. I am not a gambling man. I do occasionally break retail blasters and packs purely for the fun of it with very minimal costs associated with it.
    If you hit a Ichiro, Jeter, Harper, Bryant, Griffey Jr, Trout and a few others then Bam you covered your costs and then some! But if you hit a Bobby Abreu then you just lost $270 just like that. I won a Abreu auto for $30 on eBay & it got lost in transit & I was refunded. So I was very bummed I wasn't able to receive that card. I buy a bunch of Dynasty cards if the price is right, knowing these came out of a $300 one card box gives me a lot of excitement. Like I got a "deal" I suppose. Of course not all cards are bargains, I did spend close to or more then a cost of a box worth for the Ichiro & some other 1/1's.
    All costs aside these are beautiful cards and I love collecting them.  Last count, I believe I have 18x Dynasty cards. Here are some of my favorites below. Thanks for reading! See you next time.

My first Dynasty Card. '14 Braun

'14 Dynasty Iwakuma #1/1

'15 Dynasty Kyle Seaver

'15 Dynasty Fielder #1/1

'16 Dynasty Fielder #1/1

'16 Dynasty Gray

'15 Dynasty Cano

'16 Dynasty Cano

'16 Dynasty King Felix #1/1

'15 Dynasty Ichiro

Friday, September 2, 2016

The White Whale's have been found & captured!!!

     First off, huge congrats to Ichiro for hitting the historic 3k in the mlb. An amazing accomplishment by an equally amazing baseball superstar and humble iconic sports figure.
    Now to the main point of this post, only my close circle of collector friends understand or at least accept my obsession with the 2012 topps base and chrome sets of Ichiro. It was at a time where my collection of his was gaining momentum and suddenly became the last year he would be in a mariners uniform. The next two years he wasn't signed to be in the topps cards for reasons unknown which helped fuel my interest in these cards. Collecting the whole chrome rainbow has always been my ultimate goal but after the superfractor was sold early on when chrome was released I accepted the fact that it would never surface in the market as its likely sitting in another Ichiro collection never to be seen again.  That's fine, I learned collecting such a international superstar there will always be heavy competition for high end cards, so get what you can get and move forward....  With all that being said, I was able to grab an incredible amount of parallels and variations in the 2012 set including the very rare ssp chrome card that I wrote about in the past along with many parallels and all the other sp's.  Over the last 4 years I was able to get every one of these parallels except for 2..... One is the atomic chrome /10 which popped on the market 2 years ago and I was out bid even though I padded my max bid by over $100 to ensure I would win. Guess that still wasn't enough! The other is the infamous chrome sepia /75. You would think a chrome /75 wouldn't be so difficult right? Wrong!  I have 10x black parallels /100, 5x Gold /50  and even 2x Red /25 but  I literally searched for this sepia /75 for 4 years and asked friends and acquaintances to search for it as well and offered to overpay or overtrade for it if needed to have it in my hands. Even with such offers, no one could fine one. Year after year, not one has surfaced. It became a running joke. I've accumulated a massive collection of high end Ichiro's cards and rare 1/1's of other players yet I couldn't find this sepia. My white whale.
          Fast forward to last week and while doing my daily search for the sepia on ebay (yes, I have a problem, couldn't you tell?) it suddenly surfaced. I was in so much shock, I couldn't believe if it was real. I was praying it would be a Buy It Now to end the suspense that second and thank goodness it was. Many fist pumps later I anxiously waited a week for it to arrive now worrying if it will be lost in the mail. No drama there, it arrived safely and I haven't been happier in my collecting life. Couple days later the mini white whale of the atomic somehow shows up on ebay as well. Same story as above and I grabbed that card as well. Somehow lightning struck twice in a week span. Unreal luck!
          The Hobby is about the joy of collecting, searching for cards that make you happy and celebrating your favorite players. Yes, I show off high end cards constantly on twitter & forums and enjoy seeing other big time cards from fellow collectors but it's these big battles and goals with cards with little cash value and high sentimental value that mean more in my humble opinion. To some collecting is a business which is totally fine, they trade, flip and sale all day long. For myself its purely a hobby and for the joy of collecting and keeping my cards. It's my escape from a stressful career and the day to day activities of life.  Thanks for reading if you somehow got this far.

The White Whale! The Sepia!!!!! 

The Atomic!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

A new season and a Chase for 3k

         Hello all! I can't believe its been almost a whole year since I updated this blog. It has been a crazy busy year! I was promoted from a GM position to a Corporate management position in my career that has me constantly travelling all across the country. This led to less time organizing and searching for cards in the last year. This definitely doesn't mean I stopped! I just have been more selective in my purchases and had to squeeze time in wherever I could to enjoy this great hobby.
        Today is the official start of baseball season and its great to see Ichiro getting so much attention for his shot at 3k this season. I will be following his at bats as closely as I can. I was fortunate to be part of an article written about the upcoming season and Ichiro that you can read here: http://www.sportscollectorsdaily.com/ichiro-baseball-cards-3000-hits/
       I also had the opportunity to have a Photo signed by Ichiro during a private signing at an LCS close by that has exclusive signings with him. This is the first time I've seen an option to have hum customize the autos which was a huge deal for me as I always wanted one from him personalized. Yes I know it basically makes the market value non existent but for a Super Collector like myself that doesn't mean a thing. I don't plan on selling it or any other parts of my collection ever!
       I have also attached some select pick ups over the last year or so.  I hope to be able to update this more often this season with my other and future pick ups, especially as Ichiro continues to progress to 3k. Thanks for reading!!!

Personalized Ichiro Auto Photo:

2015 Topps Five Star Auto:

Diamond Kings Patch #1/1

Ichiro, Pujols, Hamilton, Jeter Quad Patch Book

2016 Topps buyback Ichiro, Griffey Gold #1/1

2015 Donruss Buyback Auto #1/1

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Japan-Fractors & Ichiro is Flawless

I always considered the 2012 series of cards to be significant to Ichiro collectors like myself, As I stated before its my favorite set since its Ichiro's last year with the Mariners and last year with Topps.  I believed I have seen every 2012 card released but somehow I totally missed the rare Japan-fractors Bowman Sterling set. This was some sort of subset to the standard Bowman Sterling set that had Japanese stars in it including Yu Darvish and Ichiro.  I have only recently seen these hit the market in /25 die cut base cards. They were going for serious coin $150-200. I then saw the 2 variations of the Relic die cuts /5. I happened to make a deal on one and found 2 more that surfaced and immediately contacted the owners of these cards and made a deal to acquire them. These are one of my favorite new cards in the set, they are a bit taller then standard cards so they wont even fit in a one touch holder!  
      Another recent arrival came in the newer '14 National Treasures Flawless set. I was always a huge fan of the Flawless design when they first hit with Basketball. They were very subtly beautiful and had an embedded gem inside each one. They just had a great very high end look to it. When I found out Baseball was going to have this design and Ichiro was in the checklist I became super excited. I was able to make some deals and complete the 3x card flawless set Diamond /20, Emerald /5 and the Diamond 1/1.

Japan Fractors /5

Flawless Diamond /20

Flawless Emerald /5

Flawless Diamond 1/1

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Immortals Exhibit

          This is by far my favorite set obviously because its only Ichiro! I have dedicated the corner of the Ichiro Vault (man cave) which is all Ichiro anyways to the Immortals Plates. I have some base cards displayed throughout while my high end autos from the set are kept in the lockbox.  
 I have never been a big fan of printing plates to be completely honest. But of course like all things there are exceptions and that of course is printing plates of your main PC guy. I have only accumulated 2 Ichiro printing plates over the years as there were not many that caught my eye. The Leaf company decided to release there whole line of printing plates on ebay recently and I thought it would be great to grab a couple. A couple of plates soon turned into a whole mess of them. Ichiro does something to my brain where all senses of logic and moderation goes out the window.I quickly gathered almost every single Black printing plate (these are my favorite looking plates of the 4) in the whole set and a handful of others that I thought looked nice. I decided to print out the 3 page promo sell sheets as well to hang below the 3 display cases of plates. Overall I have 63 new plates for the Immortals collection.
       Photos below are of the plates and various singles of the set. I just received a nice lot of base /5 and /20 cards from comc but im so tired from the workday I haven't had the energy to organize and take photos of them. You get the jist of it all anyway eh? Hey who am I talking to? ok bye.

The Immortal Plates 

Close up w/ Leaf Sell Sheets

Base Cards /51

Base /5 & /20

Base Gold 1/1 w/ set /5, /20, /51 & Black Plate not pictured

Base Auto /5

Pendulum Auto /5

Mays Ichiro Dual Auto Book 1/1